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so long [09.03.07]
I won't be posting in here any longer
but i'll still get on to check/read stuff

My blogging can be found here
for those that are interested.


thunder [06.29.07]
[ mood | curious ]

this is what happens when you do what you were born to do. (even if you don't know Jesus hard core, the annointing to move people can still be there)


soon enough [06.24.07]
Once I get paid at the end of the month
I will be getting my tattoooooooooos!
uh huh...

a combination of things [06.23.07]
has me sitting around the house (laundry, cramps, i need to clean) but ever since I woke up this morning I was welcomed with a peace that has carried me into the day. I also woke up with the burden to pray that God will bless particular people's finances (there's just been a lot of crap going on to some people I know-attacks). Well here's a few zooooo pictures.

Random sidenote, but my blue hair is officially gone.


zoooooooooooooooo [06.19.07]
[ mood | apathetic ]

So we went to the zoo today and I took a gazillion pictures (i haven't uploaded a single one yet)..ONce I do I shall post some pictures:) I couldn't help but think of God as we visted each exhibit. God made those birds and beasts in their splendor and awesomeness. God is in everything and if we stop to let Him remind us, it truely can move our spirits into the position they need to be...fixed on Him.

revelation can come in small and large sized doses. Praise God in the midst of the hot hot day, I was able to receive mine.


obedience. [06.17.07]
[ mood | tired ]

Obedience is better than sacrifice was the word that was spoken last night at The Well. How can I expect God to trust me with the bigger things, if I haven't been obedient with the small things? God fashion a persisent prompting in my spirit to get up and Go when you say Go, and do whatever you say when you say. Let not my disobedience stand in the way of signs, wonders, and miracles showing up in a meeting. Let the Bride put on garments of obedience and submit wholly to YOUR plans/purposes for our lives.

Today started off with an attack from the enemy (but praise God He's bigger and stood in the gap) and then later my tire went flat (apparently it had a nail in it since friday). At any rate I had to stay at my parents house without my car, my books, my laptop, etc. After stewing over how bored I was God took me to the Word. "There is plenty for you here jennie, you shouldn't say you're bored..what about all the things I've told you to do?"

So my advice to all in the Body is that instead of complaining about how bored we may become, we need to begin acting out/DOING those things that God has told us to do. "Oh you're bored? What about the worship song I told you to compose? Or the book I gave you to write? What about the sermon I need you to preach? hmmmmmmmmmmm something to chew on.

I'm so tired I could easily pass out right now. Oh but it's too early.


some things [06.15.07]
[ mood | cranky ]

just kind of start to get old
same ole
same ole

gets played out
and looses it's meaning

until the silence
becomes deafning

and all the things that
and will not be spoken of

find their
the box
that is placed
on the top shelf
of the highest
never to be



Doggie bootcamp training has begun [06.14.07]
So the move into the new apartment has caused Josiah (my puppy) to spiral backwards. He sufferes from seperation anxiety and apparently during the first days of being here while I was at work, he barked his head off. Which caused someone to call and complain. Which led to mother calling the dog behavioral specialist which further led to intensive training that must take place for the next 6 weeks (so i don't get kicked out of my apartment).

So as he's chillen in his crate I'm just peddlen round the apt.
The song I always wanted to be played at my wedding is currently playing on my nano from shuffle mode. *sighs*. I don't know how that makes me feel now.

I have a lot of things to take to the Father's feet. I hope my desire to pray flows more freely than it has been.

I start back work at the daycare Monday. Whoopie wooo.

I need summer clothes, and bathing suits, and a bathing suit body. and a trip to the beach.

love is about trust right? [04.30.07]
X posted in my blogger

It sickens me to see the state that some engaged couples are in. I guess being a witness to their "crazy" makes me thank God with much praise that I am fully trusting in Him with my future and ALL the details. I've never met someone so insecure with themselves that they prep talk their fiance to keep their "eyes on them" before they go out in public, and then throw tantrums if the boy glances at another girl. I guess what's the saddest about this situation is the "boy" used to be one of my really good friends. After spilling my cup over at a cookout this past weekend and not even saying sorry or looking at me, I realized just how severe the situation has become. ANd my heart really does hurt for this friend of mine because he deserves soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. I pray God awakens his senses to reality and allows room for HIS voice in the midst of the relationship. Most importantly Lord let it be YOUR will.

I'm pretty sure love is all about trust, and trust is about love. So if you don't trust the one you love and aren't looking to GOD for direction with the relationship, what will be the sustainer as the pages are turned??

After my last blog my eyes fells about a devotional from Oswald chambers which fit perfectly for some of the things I was experiencing (and still am)

"Though it tarries..wait for it (Habakkuk 2:3) We cannot bring the vision to fufillment through our own efforts, but must live under it's inspiration until it fufills itself....Waiting for a vision that "tarries" is the true test of our faithfullness to God.

"Let God send you out through His storm, and don't go until He does. If you select your own spot to be planted, you will prove yourself to be unproductive, empty pod. HOwever if you allow God to plant you, you will "bear much fruit" (john 15:8)

and still..I choose..to wait. for what other choice will bring fufillment. nothing on my own. nothing in my own strength.

Plant me Lord where best YOU see fit.

Hello Mr. Sunshine [04.28.07]
[ mood | curious ]

So the John Legend song "heaven only knows" was sung in my dream by some close guy friends and when I woke up this morning I was thinking about the basis of the dream and what it revolved around. Then I realized the truth in the simple song that was being sung. Heaven does know. Only God knows right now and if I want to know, I'm going to have to get to His heart. (I love the simple ways God speaks to us):)

My green and white polkadotted vans came in the mail today! All I have to do is go pick them up at the rents house.
I really need to do some clothes shopping especially bathing suits. But who honestly wants to try on swim suits when you feel like a obese cow? Yeah my gym membership has not been put to use in quite some time.


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